19 Kindness Project Quotes Positive Esteem Quotation Decals for Schools

$ 550.00

Brand Wall Dressed Up

Kindness Project Quotes, All 19 Positive Esteem Quotations Decals for Schools, Kids, Teachers. This started as an anti-bullying, self-esteem, positive message project for bathrooms in a New Jersey school! Approx 20" wide x 24-25"

This is a package listing of all 19 quotes assorted from all our kindness quotes. They will be assorted quotes and colors! (no two quotes alike)

These messages were the brainchild of a wonderful parent at Saint Vincent Martyr Middle school and we hope they are a positive quote package that will catch on! Our kids need to know they can do big things and be kind! They are using them in their bathrooms, but they can be used by teachers on doors or any flat surface for a positive message!

These positive message vinyl quotes come with transfer tape and rubbing tool, easy to rub on, all spaced to rub on bathroom stalls or on a flat door or wall. (they won't work on school block walls, but need a flat surface). 

They are matte vinyl, so they can be washed!