30 Gold or SIlver Metallic 4 inch Polka Dot Vinyl Wall Decals

$ 34.00

Brand Wall Dressed Up

30 gold or silver metallic 4" polka dot wall decals. Peel and stick these lovely metallic gold dot decals that are removable. These dot wall stickers come in many vinyl colors.
Dimensions: Each dot is approximately 4"

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Since we can't print metallic on our material, we found the MOST luscious matte gold and silver material to cut into decals. It's vinyl, you can simply peel and stick, smoothing on your wall. These are removable and while we wouldn't go as far as to say they are repositionable multiple times, if you make a mistake where you put them, you can probably carefully reposition.

We include a template to position your decals in a regular pattern, but you can also cluster them at the top and have them rain down the wall. Line them up around some artwork or a mirror to accent, or create a border!

We suggest using these on smoother surfaces, not heavily textured walls. While they do stick, they pick up the texture. You'll LOVE the look of these metallic decals! Such a glamorous accent.


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