2 Freight Trains, Train Station & Tunnel Train Wall Decals, Straight & Curved Railroad Track Col.2

$ 179.00

Brand Wall Dressed Up

Train Station, tunnel, two 5 car railroad freight and passenger train plus railroad track straight and curved adhesive fabric wall decals. Two sets of trains each have a locomotive, tank car, hopper car and caboose. Repositionable freight cars that you can arrange however you choose. One train faces right and one faces left. A railroad station and tunnel along with railroad crossing signs, train clock, trees and bushes. This design makes a large mural however you want to arrange it.

Train station 21”w x 20”h
tunnel 25”w x 13.5”h,
2 side platforms with benches each 12”w x 12.5”h
RR crossing sign , train clock , 3 clouds and sun approx.. 4”h x 8” w plus greenery
This set also includes 2 sheets of straight railroad track and one sheet of curved track

Each sheet: 1.5"h x 23.5"w, so approximately 30 feet of railroad track plus 14 small curved sections of track
Train Cars: Train cars are each approximately 7"x 9" to 8"x 10"


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Why does everyone love our Movable Mural wall decals?

  • Peel and stick
  • Self adhesive matte woven fabric wall decal
  • Remove and reuse again and again
  • PVC free (not vinyl) and non toxic, great for kids rooms!
  • Eco friendly, water based, odorless inks
  • High resolution artwork right to the edge (no clear film)
  • Apply to walls, textured walls, furniture and glass
  • Designed and printed in the US