36 Large Triangle Vinyl Wall Decals Triangle Wall Stickers

$ 34.00

Brand Wall Dressed Up

36 large triangle vinyl wall decals. Peel and stick these triangle vinyl wall stickers that are removable. There are countless ways to arrange them! Our second picture shows a mod, urban way to decorate one accent wall ( we have used 3-4 sheets for this design). They can also be spaced evenly or scattered on the wall.

Each triangle is 4.45"w by 3.85"h in matte satin finish vinyl

They are vinyl, you can simply peel and stick, smoothing on your wall. These are removable and while we wouldn't go as far as to say they are repositionable multiple times, if you make a mistake where you put them, you can probably carefully reposition.

We suggest using these on smooth surfaces, not textured walls. While they do stick to textured walls, they pick up the texture and don't look quite as nice.