Girl's Dollhouse Town Wall Decals, Hot Air Balloons, Cars, and Straight & Curved Purple Road

$ 199.00

Brand Wall Dressed Up

 Large adorable colorful dollhouse town wall decals with adventure cars, hot air balloons with clouds and straight and curved purple road. Town includes: 2 shops, 1 townhouse, 1 apartment and 2 houses, 2 picket fences, stone wall with garden and tree, 4 clouds and a kite, 5 bushes and lots of flowers. There are 6 adventure cars with street signs, traffic light, lemonade stand, fire hydrant and dog plus straight and curved purple road. Vehicles include a Jeep, VW Beetle, Food Truck, VW Van, Fiat and Mini Cooper wall. Also included are our 7 Hot Air Balloons with 5 clouds. Multicolor bright hot air balloons in geometric, stripes and zigzag designs. A beautiful way to decorate a girls nursery, bedroom or playroom! Our decals are removable and reusable - just peel and stick! You will enjoy arranging and rearranging their own unique scene with no damage to walls!


This set includes two sheets of straight purple road which is 16 sections of road:
  • 1.5"h x 23.5"w, so approximately 30 feet of road plus 14 curves.

 Town sizes:

  • Purple House 19"h x 8.5"w
  • Pink townhouse with arch 25"h x 7.5"w
  • Orange and pink apartment building 25.5"h x 8.75"w
  • Blue House with garden and clothesline 20.5"h x 7.5"w
  • Dress Boutique & Ice Cream Shop Village Green (one piece) 18.25"h x 17.25"w
  • Stone Wall with Tree 7.5"h x 6.5"w 
  • Cloud with Kite 
  • Cloud with Sun plus 2 more clouds
  • 2 Picket Fences 

6 Vehicles:

  • Jeep - 12.5w x 6h
  • Food Truck - 12w x 8h
  • Volkswagon Convertible Beetle - 12w x 4h
  • Volkswagon Van - 13.5w x 6.5h
  • Fiat 10.5w x 6h
  • Mini Cooper - 11.5w x 5.25h
  • Plus 3 Street signs, traffic light, a lemonade stand, fire hydrant and dog.

7 Hot Air Balloons approximate sizes:

  • 14"h x 10.5"w
  • 13"h x 10.5"w
  • 13"h x 10.5"w 
  • 12"h x 9"w
  • 11.5"h x 9"w
  • 9"h x & 7.5"w
  • 9"h x 7"w
  • There are 7 baskets to place below balloons.

5 Clouds:

  • 12" x 5"and sun
  • 12" x 4"
  • 11" x 5"
  • 10" x 5"
  • 9" x 4.5"
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    Why does everyone love our Movable Mural wall decals?

    • Peel and stick
    • Self adhesive matte woven fabric wall decal
    • Remove and reuse again and again
    • PVC free (not vinyl) and non toxic, great for kids rooms!
    • Eco friendly, water based, odorless inks
    • High resolution artwork right to the edge (no clear film)
    • Apply to walls, textured walls, furniture and glass
    • Designed and printed in the US